Frontiers in Redox Biology and Chemistry (FiRBaC), October 2017

The fellow, Dr Anastasiou and colleague from ENAL, Mr. Constantinos Lazarou attended the 6th Young Professionals Workshop on Plasma Medicine held in Rostock, Germany, from October 23 to 26, 2017 and orally presented their research titled “The effect of oxygen impurities of helium atmospheric pressure plasma jet on the redox chemistry of cells”. The workshop focused on, redox chemistry and redox biology and specifically:

  • Reactive species diagnostics in liquids and chemical pathways in redox signaling, e.g. redox switches and lipid oxidation processes, will be a central topic.
  • The biological response of immune and cancer cells as well as tissues following exposure to exogenous oxidants and/or cold physical plasma will be emphasized to delineate their therapeutic potential in cancer therapy and immunology.